Dr. Cottone Joins Our Punta Gorda Eye Clinic

Bayside Eye Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Cottone is joining our eye clinic! Dr. Cottone comes to Bayside Eye Center with nearly three decades of experience, and is ready to take on patients. Anyone who has trusted Dr. Cottone as their eye doctor of choice knows that this is an incredible opportunity to work with him again. But for anyone in the Punta Gorda area who might not be familiar with Dr. Cottone, take a moment to learn more about him, and then schedule an appointment with our eye clinic today! Dr. Cottone and the rest of our team look forward to working with you.

Meet Dr. Cottone

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  • Education: University of Houston College of Optometry, class of 1990
  • Licensing: Certified and licensed optometrist (Florida OPC 2505)
  • Experience: Associate Doctor of Optometry for several clinics across Florida


William J. Cottone, O.D. graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon graduation, he began his educational pathway to become an optometrist, and attended the University of Houston college of Optometry from 1986-1990. 

During his optometry program, Dr. Cottone participated in many clinical rotations, in which he gained valuable knowledge and experience in administering primary care. These topics included helping patients with contact lenses, low vision, ocular diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as providing pediatric optometry care.


Dr. Cottone completed his Concentrated Ocular Therapeutics Course from the University of Houston College of Optometry, in which he completed 105 hours in clinical and didactic settings. After finishing this course and graduating from his optometry program, Dr. Cottone became licensed as an eye doctor in Texas (Texas 4246T). This licensure remained active from 1990 to 1998, and he became a prominent optometrist in Texas during part of this time.

Shortly after beginning his career as an optometrist in Texas, Dr. Cottone became licensed in Florida (Florida OPC 2505) in 1992. He continued to expand and grow in his practice while serving as an eye doctor in Florida, is still serving many communities in Florida as an optometrist today.


Dr. Cottone has been a practicing optometrist in Florida since 2001. Throughout all of his experience, Dr. Cottone has provided the full scope of primary eye care, ocular therapeutics, and contact lens service. Perfecting his craft for more than 27 years, Dr. Cottone is a well-known and highly experienced eye doctor who combines professionalism with compassion at every turn.

For some of us, visiting the eye doctor is a breeze. For others, it can be a source of anxiety and fear. No matter how you feel about seeing an eye doctor, you want to be with someone who makes you feel comfortable, while also providing the utmost care. Here are some important things to consider when choosing an optometrist.

  • Experienced: Choose an eye doctor who has years of experience in the optometry field to ensure that the health of your eyes is in good hands.
  • Compassionate: Visiting the eye doctor can be nerve-wracking, which is why you want to choose an optometrist who fully empathizes with you, and cares about your experience.
  • Dedicated: Find an eye doctor who’s dedicated to your health and well-being, and continue building a relationship by scheduling appointments with them.

Dr. Cottone has been a well-respected optometrist in Florida for nearly 30 years, and is an excellent example of finding an eye doctor you can trust. For anyone who’s worked with Dr. Cottone before, you can visit him once again at Bayside Eye Center in Punta Gorda! Book your appointment today.

Things to Look For in an Eye Doctor

The health of our eyes is so important to our daily lives. We don’t often realize how much we rely upon our eyes — that is, until something compromises our vision. We need to make sure we’re not only protecting our eyes, but providing the care and overall solutions that can help our vision function at its absolute best.

One way to ensure your eye health and vision are properly looked after is by scheduling regular visits with an eye doctor that you can trust. See some of the signs of a great eye doctor, and book your next eye appointment with Dr. Cottone and the team at Bayside Eye Center today!

Knowledgeable and Professional

Because your eyes are so important, you want to choose an eye doctor who has the experience, professionalism, and know-how that make for exceptional optometrist. The best optometrists not only provide primary eye care, they can also make recommendations for how to help your vision work at its best. This might mean recommending contact lenses or glasses, providing ocular therapeutic options, and on the whole, recognizing the solutions that exist for ensuring your vision is in tip-top shape.

With more than 27 years of experience, Dr. Cottone has specialized in multiple aspects of primary eye care, and has made them his focus. This means the health of your eyes is in the hands of someone who has nearly perfected the art of optometry.

Caring and Compassionate

As mentioned earlier, going to an eye clinic is scary. In the best of scenarios, everything goes according to plan, but as we know, this is not always the case, and is certainly not a guarantee. For the good news and the not-so-great news, you want someone on your side who will empathize with you, and comfort you when it matters most.

Dr. Cottone is known by his former patients for providing the utmost compassion and care — not only during an eye appointment, but before and after as well. Your eye health means everything to him and the rest of the team at Bayside Eye Center, but your comfort and experience are just as important.

Committed to Health

When you build a relationship with an eye doctor, this makes subsequent visits better for both the patient and the optometrist. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect, you’ll have a chance to connect rather than simply be treated, and your optometrist will eventually have even more understanding about your eye health needs.

Serving Florida for more than two decades, there’s a reason why so many patients choose Dr. Cottone again and again. His client base continues to seek him out, because they know the incredible care and commitment to health he has for each individual he treats. Haven’t booked an eye appointment with Dr. Cottone in the past? No problem — you can start today by scheduling your next visit with one of the best.

With your best interests and overall health in mind, Dr. Cottone fits all the criteria of being an eye doctor you can trust. Years of experience in being an incredibly qualified, talented, and caring optometrist make Dr. Cottone an exceptional choice for your next eye appointment. If you’ve met with him in the past, you’re in luck — you can find him again at our Punta Gorda eye clinic! We know you will enjoy meeting with him, whether your a previous patient or a first time patient. Schedule a visit with Bayside Eye Center today to ensure your eye health is not only at its best, but treated by the best optometrists around.