Get Glasses and Contacts in Punta Gorda

Practically anyone who wears glasses or contacts can tell you what that feeling was like, the one where they had perfect vision for the first time. You had never realized that there are individual leaves on each tree, or that you could go through life without squinting at books and stop signs, until you got the corrective lenses to make a difference.

Getting glasses or contacts is a big deal, but it’s also one that will make your life so much better. The optometrists at Bayside Eye Center can help you get set up with the corrective lenses you not only need, but feel confident in. See just some of the options that are available for you at our eye clinic!

Services We Offer:

Scleral Lens Contacts

We’re the only practice in Charlotte County that offers scleral lens contacts, and we offer a free consultation!

Contact Lens Fittings

Whether for multifocal, bifocal, or Wave contact lenses (which are custom designed to fit your eye), we can do it. Our eye doctors also offer specialty contact lense fittings as needed.

Glasses Selection

Try on and choose from a vast number of the latest glasses styles (including prescription sunglasses!). Our team is happy to give you guidance and advice!


Bayside Eye Center offers orthokeratology, which is an FDA-approved alternative to eye surgery that utilizes the science of changing the curvature or shape of the cornea, making it possible for one to see without daytime eyewear.

When you’re looking for your next pair of spectacular specs, Bayside Eye Center is the eye clinic for you to visit. We’ve helped countless people in the Punta Gorda area get set up with the corrective lenses that they not only need, but also love.

Ready to get your next pair of glasses, or see if contacts are the right move for you? Set up an appointment today with our eye doctors! We are looking forward to hearing from you, and we’ll see you at your next eye exam!