Work With Our Eye Doctors for Ongoing Care

Sometimes we’re diagnosed with eye health issues that require additional treatment and ongoing care. This can seem scary, and it’s understandable — after all, we rely on our vision for so much of our lives. It can be terrifying to think that something with that is changing, but the good news is that Bayside Eye Center has the diagnostic and treatment options you need, that could help restore your vision.

Eye Health Treatment and Management

We offer ongoing eye care that helps track the prognosis of any present eye health issues, as well as provide the treatment and management options that could make a difference.


We can diagnose and help treat glaucoma, and set you up with medicine that can help.

Diabetic Eye Care

Complications from diabetes can affect your the health of your eyes, which is why our eye doctors are experienced in monitoring and treating any issues that may come up.


Our eye doctors are skilled in diagnosing cataracts, as well as recommend treatment options and procedures.

Don’t let your macular degeneration and other eye health issues hold you back. Instead, make regular appointments with our optometrists, and get the eye care that you deserve from Bayside Eye Center. Book your next visit with us today.