I thank all of them for my new outlook on life

I work in computer support and finally became fed up with not being able to see on the job unless I was wearing “cheater” drug store glasses that I was always losing.  Dr. Lang had been hightly recommended to me by a co-worker, so I went to him for help.  I have worn rigid contact lens for nearsightedness for over 40 years and Dr. Lang fit me with WAVE lenses–a new type of custom prescribed rigid contact lenses designed by Dr. Lang with the aid of a corneal topgrapher and computer software.  I was amazed when I first put them in my eyes!  I was immediately able to read small print without using any reading glasses and also able to see at normal and long distance.  Over the next few days, I felt like the world had opened up because I could see so much better!  The difference still amazes me.  I recommend Dr. Lang and all of his staff at the Bayside Eye Centre to everyone. I have never received such thorough attention to my eye health and vision nor have I been treated more warmly and professionally.  I thank all of them for my new outlook on life.

P.G., 20- year Charlotte County Resident